We’re all busy bees in 3rd class.

On Mondays it’s Art.  We work with clay, fabric, wire and modroc, knitting, drawing ,marbling, tie dying and crafts.  Every week we experience a different material.  Sometimes a crafts person might visit us and we sit and watch them.  We love to visit exhibitions at the nearby Hunt Museum.  We’ve just been to see work by Louis Le Broquy.

On Tuesdays it’s P.E.  We get the opportunity to experience lots of different activities like creative dance, basketball, gaelic football, hurling and yard games.

Wednesdays it’s Music. We love playing the recorder and the tin whistle.  We can sight read from the stave.  We learn a new song every week and we can’t wait to get our hands on the percussion instruments!

Thursday it’s science.  All the desks are cleared for one whole hour and we learn all about predicting and fair testing.  We work in teams of 3 and it is great fun.  Our team boat succeeded in putting 208 men in a boat!

Fridays. We read a lot of novels in 3rd class.  The mobile library visits and we have a class library.  Sometimes we do oral book reviews and other times we write out a review.  We also keep a reading log.  Our favourite authors are Enid Blyton, R.H. Stine, Roald Dahl and Louis Sachar.  We’ve had authors like Don Conroy and Cora Harrison visit our school.  We have periods of silent reading after big lunch every day.  We also learn to join our handwriting.


Everyone in our class just loves the stories from Ancient Egypt.  We love to get out of class on a local trail.  We study artefacts at the Hunt Museum and we dress up as Stone Age people.


Our class is responsible for the school weather station and we help with  recycling.

An Ghaeilge:

Sé mana na scoile  ná “Fás agus Foghlaim”.  Is brea linn an Ghaeilge.  Cloisfidh tú sinne ar an raideo, ag caint is ag canadh.

We have Assemblies once a month in the Halla and our parents and families are invited.

Every few weeks we make an out of school visit to the Hunt Museum, Limerick City Museum, St. Mary’s Cathedral, St. John’s Castle or Limerick College of Art and Design.

On wet days we play board games like chess and scrabble and construct with lego.