There is a very strong tradition of good attendance in Scoil Ide. However, the changing social fabric of the nation is altering attitudes to school and we are anxious that parents be aware of the absolute necessity for regular punctual attendance at school.

Quite simply, children cannot learn if they are not in school. The following strategies have been put in place to help foster an appreciation of learning and good attendance:⑴

1) Rewards in accordance with the Code of Behaviour.

2) ACE Awards in the senior classes. The award is presented for Attainment, Community Spirit and Effort to two children in each class from 4th up each month. Children are mentioned in the Scoil Ide News, on the Student Council Notice board and on our website at

3) The Class Teacher at the end of the school year issues certificates of Good Attendance.

4) Academic Excellence Certificates are issued to pupils who achieve excellent marks in their Summer Tests.

5) As stated in the Code of Behaviour parents are expected to write notifying the teacher of the reason for a child’s absence within three days of the child’s return. The teacher notes the reason for the absence.⑵

6) Identification of students who are at risk of developing school attendance problems.⑶ These are categorised as follows;

  1. Irregular Absentee: 2/5 days absent in a 20-day period without a valid reason.
  2. Seriously Irregular Absentee: 6/10 days absent in a 20-day period without a valid reason.
  3. Chronic Absentee: 11+ days absent in a 20-day period without a valid reason.

7) Appropriate contact will take place between the school and parents/guardians of these children.

  1. For Irregular Absentees the teacher will inform the parents by letter of her/his concerns about the child and seek to meet the parents to discuss the matter.
  2. For Seriously Irregular Absentees the Principal will write to parents inviting them to a meeting to discuss the problem.
  3. For Chronic Absentees the Principal will inform the Education Welfare Officer and notify parents of this by letter.

8) Attendance, behaviour and academic records of children who transfer to another primary school will be passed to the Principal of the school by post as soon as we receive written notification of transfer.⑷

9) Attendance, behaviour and academic records of children who transfer into Scoil Ide will be sought from the previous school and/or through the parents.⑸

10) Attendance, behaviour and Academic records of pupils transferring to Secondary School will be sent to the school once enrolment has been confirmed.⑹


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