Student Council

Scoil Íde was one of the 1st schools in the country to establish a Student Council and the council has grown in both its importance to school life and in its scope of work The aim of the council is to provide students with greater involvement in the decision making procedures of the school, to use their pupil voice and learn about the democratic process.

Two children from each 5th and 6th class are elected by secret ballot in early September and retain their positions on the council for the duration of the school year.

The Student Council meets several times each term. Meetings are facilitated by Scoil Íde’s Student Council Facilitator, Ms Marese Murphy with council representatives collecting ideas and suggestions for the agenda from each class ahead of each meeting. Suggestions are then discussed, prioritised and brought to the attention of the Principal, Mr. D’Arcy,

The Student Council promotes pupil voice, develops leadership skills and instills confidence in the workings of the school . The Student Council organises fun events but is increasingly tasked with developing systems which give voice to all the children in our school