Promotion and Graduation

The Primary School curriculum is designed as an eight year course, including a two year infant cycle followed by six years in standards from first to sixth, with children progressing to the next grade at the end of each school year. The primary curriculum is flexible and child-centred, and can be adapted to meet children’s’ needs. Under the DES policy, children are only be allowed to repeat a year for educational reasons and in exceptional circumstances. In such exceptional circumstances the Principal teacher, following consultation with the learning support teacher/resource teacher and class teacher and parent(s) may conclude that a pupil would benefit educationally by repeating a grade level. A record outlining the educational basis for the decision to retain a child should be kept for any pupil so retained. In addition, there should be a clear programme outlined for such a pupil that records precisely what new approach will be used for her/him and what its expected benefit will be. These records should be retained within the school and should be brought to the Inspector’s attention by the Principal when s/he visits the school. No pupil should repeat a grade more than once in a primary school.

Our children graduate to a wide selection of secondary schools and we maintain close links with these schools. Attendance, behaviour and academic records of pupils will be passed on to their Secondary schools on confirmation of acceptance. In advising parents as to the choice of secondary school we suggest choosing a school with a range of subjects, academic or vocational, which will suit their child. We never advise which particular school to choose.