The following are some of the activities that take place in Second Class...


Úsaidimid an teanga Gaeilge gach lá i gníomhaíochtaí éisteachta, labhartha, léitheoireachta agus scríbhneoireachta. Bíonn go leor spóirt agus spraoi againn le linn ár ranganna gaeilge. Imirímid an-chuid cluichí agus bímid ar Wired FM de ghnáth ag déanamh dramaí agus dánta!


We have some lovely books from our Fiction Favourites programme. We learn lots of new words and really look forward to seeing what happens next in our stories. We visit the mobile library regularly and take home our books to share with our parents.  We write many book reviews that we share with our class and enjoy writing poems and stories.


We are busy adding and subtracting and learning how to regroup our tens and units. We learn how to measure, use money and tell the time. We also make blockgraphs and learn about shapes.


We are very interested in  learning about legends, life long ago and people in history such as Anne Frank. We study several habitats in our locals environement and enjoy investigating and discussing results from our science experiments.


We really in enjoy music in Second Class and love performing and composing sound effects with our percussion instruments. We are introduced to lots of new instruments and explore different music styles and traditions.


We explore lots of different art materials and create some wonderful pieces in school. We enjoy painting, drawing, printing, using clay and fabric and fibre. We had great fun designing and constructing our very own cartoon characters! We also learn about famous artists such as Van Gogh and Monet.


We partake in many activities in P.E, including games, gymnastics, dance, outdoor and adventure activities and athletics. We always look forward to our classes with Michelle, who coaches us in basketball. Many additional activities take place throughout the year, such as athletics trials and Sports Day.


We are following the Grow in Love programme. We learn lovely stories, poems and songs. This is a very special year for us as we are busy preparing for our Holy Communion.