Learning through the ‘four Ps’ - peers, passion, play and projects, are fundamental to the teaching and learning in 4th class. 

Particular focus is given to the balance between knowledge and skills in the curriculum. This is a time when children’s agency and independence is developed and encouraged.

Children will be given the opportunity to learn through their environment. Work in 4th class will include The Viking Longship challenge, Geo-literacy, STEM, biodiversity, philosophy, the arts and some cognitively challenging tasks. Experiential learning and creativity is critical to the learning process. We get the opportunity to read a variety of texts in Supported Literacy hour and enjoy reading self-selected material on the EPIC app on the iPads and enjoy dramtic readings of scripts during Reader's Theatre.

Children in 4th class get to avail of a number of excursions in the year to support experiential learning. We are so fortunate to be within walking distance of many cultural buildings and experiences.

The health and wellbeing of the child is extremely important. Activities such as swimming, running, walking and cycling are experienced. Diversity, identity and belonging are celebrated.

4th class is a time where children are provided with the opportunities to think and work independently at an age appropriate level.