Life in 5th class is busy, but exciting. We cover lots of new material that is both challenging and fun.

We try to make all of our subjects as fun and engaging as possible in 5th class and there are many ways in which we do this. Take our 'Super Monday' for example. On the second Monday of each month we get to swap classrooms and teachers every hour. Each time we swap, we cover a new lesson. Lessons include: coding and programming 'micro-bits', C.A.M.E (Thinking Maths), C.A.S.E. (Thinking Science) and Scratch/Makerspace. We also have an annual 'History Trail' that takes us around the city, exploring it's history, visiting many historical sites. 5th class pupils also take part in a public speaking competition and we also get the chance to run for the Students' Council.

Throughout the year, we have many projects that keep us busy both in school and at home. During Engineering Week, we take part in the 'Bottle Rocket Challenge' where we send rockets soaring through the sky up in the field. We also have a 'K'nex Challenge' whereby we build the strongest bridge possible. One of our classes each year takes part in the 'Primary Science Fair' and another class partakes in the 'WEX Robotic Challenge'. For the past number of years, we have also taken part in the 'Bizworld' experience where we get a chance to ser up our own businesses and look for investors, 'Dragon's Den' style.

We create in Visual Art class once a week. We paint, sketch, mould, construct and dye to create our original masterpieces! Our artwork is displayed in the halls of the Senior Building for all to see and admire.

We have an abundance of activities which allow us to show off and practice our many talents. We sing our hearts out in choir and the boys muck it out at rugby. The girls play hockey after school and basketball takes place every Thursday after school for both boys and girls. We have chess and orchestra after school also. For P.E, we get the chance to try out lots of sports, swimming and American Football included! At the beginning of each school year, we run along the Shannon Fields and after a few weeks of training, we take part in the annual 5th class 4km run. We get to cycle to U.L at the end of the year, play games and have a picnic out there. 

Every few weeks we attend assembly in the hall. Fr. Derek often speaks at it, along with some selected 5th class readers. We also have musicians (The Bronte Buskers) who accomany our songs and hymns. Parents are always welcome. ACE awards are presented to pupils to highlight their achievements of Attainment, Community spirit and Effort.

Life in 5th class is challenging yet rewarding, and we would encourage all the fourth class pupils heading into fifth class next year to grab the opportunities available to them with both hands.