Communication With Parents


Parents are the primary educators of their children and parental interest is the single greatest indicator for a child’s success at Primary School. The most important part of all Home-School Links is the relationship between parents and teachers and the faith that parents have in us as teachers. This needs to be developed and maintained because it is this faith that allows us to do our job. The School has put the following strategies in place to insure open communications.

  • All incoming parents meet the Principal to discuss their child before starting in Scoil Ide.
  • All parents are given a copy of the school Code of Behaviour and are asked to ensure to the best of their ability that it will be upheld.
  • Teachers welcome parental interest and parents can see the Teachers at any stage by phoning the School Office for an appointment.
  • If a Teacher becomes concerned about the social or educational progress of a child they will make contact with the parents to discuss the matter.
  • If a parent has concerns at any stage about their child they should see the Teacher.
  • Formal Parent/Teacher Meetings take place each year.
  • The Scoil Ide News issues monthly and contains news of what’s happening in the school for parents as well as important notices and the school calendar. The Scoil Ide News is also posted on the school website. Copies are also sent by e-mail to parents.
  • Written Reports are available to parents of all children in the summer through the on-line Parent Portal.