Life in fifth class is challenging but exciting. We begin our day reading and revising, this is important, as we have found fifth class to be a big step up from fourth.

Apart from the everyday subjects of English, Gaeilge, Maths, etc. we were introduced to a new subject this year called Geo-Literacy. We have explored mapping techniques, importing, exporting and global transportation along with creating our own company and have been given difficult tasks that have really stretched our geographical knowledge and skills.

Mrs. Kinirons, our learning support teacher, is a big part of life in fifth class. She comes into our classrooms everyday to teach Maths or English alongside our teachers. She always finds a way of explaining concepts so that we can easily understand.

We create in Visual Art class once a week. We paint, sketch and construct to create our original masterpieces! Our artwork is displayed in the halls of the Senior Building for all to see and admire.

Every second Monday we have ‘Monday Madness’! The teachers remain in their classroom and the pupils move to a different room after each break. At the moment Ms. Daly is teaching C.A.M.E. (Thinking Maths), Mr. Gleeson is teaching comprehension strategies, a program called Building Bridges of Understanding, and Ms. Kelly is teaching C.A.S.E. (Thinking Science).

We have a contrasting range of after school activities. The majority of fifth class pupils take advantage of these opportunities. On Mondays a selection of fifth class pupils create Mindstorms, (Building Robots and programming them to perform certain tasks), with Mr. Long in the hall, the girls head to the pitch for gaelic football and both boys and girls compete in athletics. Hockey for girls takes place in Corbally United on Tuesdays, while the boys head to the field for hurling. We sing our hearts out in choir on a Wednesday, and the boys muck it out at rugby. (Warning to all rugby players- make sure your washing machine is in good working order!). We also have chess on a Thursday, with basketball and Orchestra on a Friday to finish off the week.

Every month we attend assembly in the hall. Father Daly speaks along with fifth class readers. We also have musicians that play violin and keyboard whilst we sing our school hymns. Parents are always welcome. ACE awards are presented to pupils to highlight their achievements of attainment, community spirit and effort.

Life in fifth class is both challenging and rewarding and we would encourage all the fourth class pupils heading into fifth class next year to grab the opportunities available to them with both hands.