Homework is an important part of the work of the school. It varies in each standard in type, difficulty and duration. Homework is generally based on work covered in school. It is essential that homework set is checked and corrected.

The main aims in setting homework are;

ü       To consolidate and reinforce what is taught in the classroom.

ü       To involve parents in the schoolwork of their children.

ü       To establish routine and foster a sense of self-discipline in each child.

ü       To develop in the child good learning and memorisation skills.


Guidelines on homework are given to parents each year. Where the work or its duration causes problems for children we strongly advise parents to contact the teacher. Where children have serious difficulties with homework we ask parents to sign off on it if it unduly exceeds the time guidelines. 


Homework Policy                                        1st Class



  1. To provide a home-school link.
  2. To reinforce work covered in class.
  3. To introduce children to learning by rote.
  4. To encourage reading in the home.
  5. To introduce children to the discipline of doing homework.




  1. English Reading.
  2. Spellings.
  3. Tables.
  4. Written exercise from curricular areas.



Parents are asked to sign notebook on completion each night.

All homework is prepared in class.

No homework is set on weekends.



HOMEWORK POLICY                                                          2nd CLASS


Primary Objective:

  1. To consolidate and reinforce what is taught in class.
  2. To keep parents informed of progression of pupils work.
  3. To establish routine and self-discipline in each child.



4 nights per week; Monday to Thursday.

No homework at weekends.



Approx. 30 minutes per night.



Homework will cover all aspects of the curriculum with special emphasis on reading.



Homework is recorded in a special notebook and signed by parent.



HOMEWORK POLICY                                                          3rd Class

Ø       Every night from Monday to Thursday.

Ø       Aim- To consolidate class work.

Ø       It will contain a mixture of written and learning work.

Ø       Children attending the Learning Support Teacher will do work set by that teacher in English or Maths.

Ø       The remainder of their work will be set by the class teacher.

Ø       No homework at weekends.

Ø       Homework will be written in homework notebook.

Ø       Duration 1 hour.

Ø       If a child makes a genuine effort and fails to complete homework within the specified time, parents may sign the notebook indicating that such an effort was made.

Ø       Should a child neglect homework parents will be notified.

Ø       Homework must be signed.



   HOMEWORK POLICY                                                          4th CLASS


  1. Duration- not more than 1 hour.
  2. Generally homework will not be set at weekends.
  3. Gaeilge: 3/5 spellings, reading and some writing. Occasionally learn a verse of a poem.
  4. Maths: Tables. 4-6 problems or 15/20 mentals or computation.
  5. English: 5 spellings. Reading and some writing. Occasionally revise or learn a verse of a poem.
  6. History: Revision and perhaps 1 or 2 questions.
  7. Geography: Revision of school work.
  8. Religion: Revise or learn 1 question at the end of particular lesson.


Homework given consolidates what has already been done in class that day and only occasionally is any new material given.




 5th & 6th CLASSES


  1. The recommended times are; 5th- 1 hour and 6th- 1 ½ hours.
  2. Homework to contain a selection of: Gaeilge, Maths, English, History, Geography and Science.
  3. We recommend to parents that children do focused work free from distractions.
  4. The type of work set includes preparing, revising, writing, finding information and discussing.

Incomplete homework after this time requires a note from parents. We encourage a policy of independent learning, listening to the news to keep in tune with current affairs.

If homework is completed in less than the time set aside the remainder of the time should be used for revision.