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                                                               Book List -  Senior Infants 2020-2021


English                                    Ready, Steady, Write! B-Precursive Workbook and Practice Book (Folens)

                                                Mrs. Murphy’s Copies Senior Infants-Precursive (Edco)

                                                Just Phonics Junior Infants 42 Sounds (

                                                Junior Infants 42 sounds needed for revision/completion of Junior Infants phonics curriculum

                                                *Class Readers are provided by the school


Maths                                       Cracking Maths Senior Infants Textbook and Home-School Links Book (Gill and Mc Millan)

                                                 Master Your Maths Senior Infants (CJ Fallon)


Religion                                   Grow in Love Senior Infants (Veritas)


Stationery                                2 x Whiteboard markers (BIC/Niceday/Staedtler)

                                                4 x 40 page Yellow Ormond Blank Copy Book

                                                4 x 40 page 15A Purple Ormond Copy Book

                                                3 x A4 Plastic Button Folders

                                                1 x A5 Plastic Button Folders

                                                2 x White Pritt Stick

                                                3 x Faber Castle Junior Triangular Pencil (These are larger than standard pencils)

                                                1 x Twin Hole Pencil Sharpener (To fit large triangular pencil)

                                                1 x Eraser

                                                1 x Pack of Twistables


Please ensure that every item coming into school is labelled-books, copies, folders, pencils, glue, sharpener, twistables, eraser, uniforms etc. All labels should be put on front cover of books.


€40 for Classroom Supplies (e.g. science and art materials, novels, photocopying etc.) is due by Friday 11th September and should be paid online. Class teachers cannot accept cash/cheques.


Optional 24 hour pupil insurance to be paid by Friday 11th September. Cost €10.


The school uses the Aladdin ePayment system which will make payment for classroom supplies easier and reduce the amount of cash and cheques being sent to the school.  In early September, you will receive a text message containing your payment access link.  This will bring you to a parent payments page which will contain the payment due for classroom supplies.  Once you have completed your payment you will be issued a receipt by text message.