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 Book List -  6th Class 2019 – 2020


Irish                                        To be confirmed in September

                                                Dictionary: Focloir Póca by An Gúm.  - Retained from 5th class.


English                                    Starlight 6 (Folens)

                                                 Pocket Dictionary of a standard that will suffice for

                                                secondary school i.e. not a “children’s” dictionary

                                                - Retained from 5th class.


Maths                                      Operation Maths 6th Class Pupil Book (Edco)

                                                Master Your Maths 6 (CJ Fallon)

                                                Mathematical Set - Retained from 5th class.


Religion                                   Grow in Love 8 (Veritas)


S.E.S.E.                                    Materials supplied at school


Music                                       Supplied at school


Stationery                               10 x 120 page copies and copy covers

                                                1 x A4 Refill Pad

                                                2 x A4 Hardback copy

                                                1 x A4 blue lined Graph Copy (Graph 2, 10, 20mm) not refill pad.

                                                Red/Blue biros, Ruler, Glue Stick, Calculator

                                                1 x 40 pocket Display folder - Retained from 5th class

                                                Gum shield, sports socks (royal blue and amber).

€60 for Classroom Supplies (e.g. science and art materials, novels, photocopying etc.) is due by Friday 13th September and should be paid online. Class teachers cannot accept cash/cheques.                                                                                  

The school uses the Aladdin ePayment system which will make payment for classroom supplies easier and reduce the amount of cash and cheques being sent to the school.  In early September you will receive a text message containing your payment access link.  This will bring you to a parent payments page which will contain the payment due for classroom supplies.  Once you have completed your payment you will be issued a receipt by text message.


Second - Hand Book Sale - Bring and Buy in Scoil Íde Hall on Thursday, 20th June at 7p.m. organised by Parents' Council. Uniform Drop & Swap also this time.

Tony Clarke’s Book Shop in School Hall on Friday, 21st June from 9.00a.m. - 3.00p.m.