Collaboration, innovation & participation are the core tenets of the 6th class philosophy. In recent years there has been an increased focus on project based learning and team-teaching initiatives which involve children of all abilities and aptitudes. This is typified by activities such as ‘STEM Tuesday’, the 6th Class Triathlon, charity speeches & engineering challenges.

Life is hectic but fun!

Before Christmas every Friday is Hockey and Rugby day. The girls go to Corbally United for Hockey and the boys go to the pitch for rugby. In the summer term we also have swimming for PE.

Of course a big part of 6th Class is Confirmation preparation.

Last term is triathlon season with biking on Wednesdays, swimming on Thursday and running on Fridays. We hope you’ll be fit for life but we guarantee you’ll be fit for the year!

6th class marks the end of your journey through Scoil Íde and our aim is that it is the culmination of a fantastic primary school experience. We encourage all pupils to work hard, to play hard and to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way. It’s the last year – make it the best year!