Who would have thought that we would have so much fun learning in Senior Infants!

Each day starts with Aistear, where we learn through play. We build, create, solve problems, role play and work on our fine motor skills. Every day we move to a different station. Aistear is so much fun!

In Irish we sing, dance and learn rhymes as Gaeilge. We use our Gaeilge throughout the school day and practise what we’ve learned in the Irish lessons. We read big books together and play games on the board. We love Bua na Cainte.

We have a variety of different activities to practise counting numbers and to recognise patterns. We use lots of concrete materials such as lollipop sticks, cubes and blocks. We also use Numicon and CAME to help use with numbers and addition and Taking Shape to help us to see symmetrical patterns.

We use Geoliteracy in Senior Infants and make maps for Rosie’s Walk and even for our school.

Our class tree is the Cherry Blossom and we love watching it as it changes with the seasons. We really enjoy playing in its beautiful autumnal leaves.

We go to the halla for PE where we play lots of fun games and activities and even yoga!

Life in Senior Infants is a fun place to be because even though we work hard, we still have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves in school.