Where the taking of prescription drugs is absolutely necessary during

 the school day;

Ø       The parents of the pupil concerned should write to the Board of Management

 requesting the Board to authorise a teacher to administer the medication or

supervise its administration. Teachers cannot be required to administer medicines.

Ø       The Board of Management reserves the right to withdraw authorisation if it

feels that the administration of medicine in a particular case has become too

 onerous for staff.

Ø       Written details are required from the parent giving the name of the child, name

 and dose of medication; whether the child should be responsible for his/her own

 medication; the circumstances in which medication is to be given by the teacher and

 written consent for it to be given. New written instructions should be sent in for any

 change in medication or dose.

Ø       Where permission has been given by the Board of Management each day’s supply

 of drugs should be brought in on that day as no facilities exist in the school for the

 safe storage of medicines.

Ø       Where children have medical or life-threatening conditions, which need to be

 monitored parents, are asked to supply the school and the class teacher with

written instructions from their Doctor. These instructions should include details

 of the condition and the action to be taken in the event of any emergency.

Ø       Parents are also required to inform the new teacher each year of the condition

 and supply up to date Emergency Contact numbers to the Class Teacher as well

 as the School Office.


Ø       In the event of minor injury on the yard the child should be sent to their own

 class teacher. Each teacher should make arrangements with another teacher to

 in case they are not available.

Ø       Teachers should always use disposable gloves when dealing with any


Ø       Where there are any concerns beyond minor injury parents should be contacted

 and informed of the injury/accident/illness and asked to come to the school.

Ø       If parents cannot be contacted the Principal/Deputy Principal/Teacher will act

 as would a reasonable parent and seek medical assistance.

Injuries should be recorded in the Incident Book in the School Office.












CHILD’S NAME: ______________________

ADDRESS:          ______________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: _____________________________________________________


1) NAME: ________________________               PHONE: __________________________

2) NAME: ________________________        PHONE: __________________________

3) NAME: ________________________   PHONE: __________________________

4) NAME: ________________________   PHONE: __________________________

CHILD’S DOCTOR: __________________________ PHONE: __________________


DIAGNOSED CONDITION: ______________________________________________


PRESCRIPTION DETAILS: _______________________________________________

Is the child to be responsible for taking the prescription him/herself?





WHAT ACTION IS REQUIRED: _________________________________________



I/We request that the Board of Management authorise the taking of Prescription Medicine during the school day as it is absolutely necessary for the continued well-being of my/our child. I/We understand that the school has no facilities for the safe storage of prescription medicines and that the prescribed amounts be brought in daily. I/We understand that we must inform the school/Teacher of any changes of medicine/dose in writing and that we must inform the Teacher each year of the prescription/medical condition. I/We understand that no school personnel have any medical training and we indemnify the Board from any liability that may arise from the administration of the medication. 


SIGNED: _________________________ Parent/Guardian

               __________________________ Parent/Guardian