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FAQs - All

The activities run by the teachers will be notified through the classes and the Students’ Noticeboards. Activities such as Speech and Drama and individual lessons in Music are advertised on the Community Notice Board in front of the School Hall.

There is no charge for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The teachers involved are giving of their own free time. Where outside coaches working with teams are employed these are funded through general fundraising. Individual lessons are by arrangements with those providing the service and have to be paid for by parents to those people.

A: After school activities may be cancelled because of the weather as many are sports based. This may happen at short notice. Children are always allowed to ring home in these circumstances. Such activities after school should not be viewed as a child minding facility as they are weather dependent and you may need to be available to pick up your child.

Formal Parent Teacher meetings take place once per year at different times for each Standard. You will be notified of the dates at the start of the year in the Scoil Ide News and you will receive a written appointment time shortly before the P/T Meeting. If you have any concerns about your child’s educational or social progress you should ring the school office to set up an appointment with the teacher. Many parents also do this to check on progress as a matter of routine. The school welcomes parental interest as it makes our job much easier.

You should send a note back with the child when he/she is returning explaining the absence. You only need to ring if the child has an infectious illness e.g measles/chicken pox etc. See the Attendance Policy under School Policies under the “About” tab on this website.

No. If children are sick then they are unable to concentrate.

The Health Service Executive. HSE phone numbers are in the phone book.

The Maintenance Fund is a voluntary subscription that parents are asked to pay. It funds extra equipment, extra educational programmes and the school’s ICT structure as government funding is totally inadequate. Without the ongoing generosity of parents Scoil Ide would be much worse off.

Yes.  Call to the classroom and pick the child up making sure to tell the teacher. If you come to pick up your child during break time be sure to make yourself known to the supervising teacher before you pick up your child. For obvious safety reasons we will not release a child until the parent/guardian calls for them.

If you can choose when to take your holidays it is a bad idea to take children on holidays during term time. They will miss out on what is being taught. See the Attendance Policy under Policies on the “About” tab on this site.