October 2018 Newsletter

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October  2018



The Gardaí have been in contact with the school regarding complaints that they have received as a result of people parking and blocking paths and access points.
They have informed us that the Traffic Corps will be visiting the area at school drop off and collection times and will be handing out parking tickets and possibly even towing illegally parked cars.
The safety of the children of the school and the wider community is our primary concern and we would ask that you take consideration when parking in the school vicinity.


Ace awards are given to pupils who excel in school life through Attainment, Community Spirit or Effort.
Well done to our September ACEs.

VI: Nolan: Calum Brewer &
                           Aisha Alellaghi
VI: Heaney: Sofija Stentone &
                              Seán Campbell
VI: Boland: Arham Tahir &
                             Amy Long
VI: Frost: Ben Robson &
                       Maria Mullen

Due to the volume of e-mails that we receive and the extremely busy nature of  the school, e-mails that you send unfortunately may not be responded to.
If you have a concern, come directly to the teacher or office to make an appointment and we will gladly accommodate you.


· 3rd, 5th and 6th classes attended lunchtime recitals in St. Mary’s Cathedral. We are so fortunate to have such a valuable resource so close to our school.
· The 3rd classes have commenced their recorder lessons with Deirdre Byrne and 1st classes have begun violin lessons with Marian Ryan.
· Rugby, hockey, athletics and basketball have all started back after-school training.
· The 2nd classes have attended mass in St. Munchin’s College Chapel in preparation for making their First Holy Communion
· The 5th classes visited King John’s Castle as they are studying the history of Limerick.
· Choir, woodwind ensemble, recorder ensemble and orchestra have all begun rehearsals.
· The Limerick Fire Service delivered their annual community fire safety programme to the 3rd classes.
· Mr. Foley’s class did some maintenance work on the Outdoor Classroom.
· Classes have been paying their Autumnal visit to their class trees.
· 1st classes have been learning how to dance the waltz and the reel.
· Chess has recommenced for 3rd and 4th classes.


Unfortunately, schools are hugely under-funded yet are in constant demand to provide quality education to our pupils. Without parental contributions we would not be able to pay for the necessities. Aside from school supplies we also have heat, light, water, insurance bills and also general maintenance and repairs.
The voluntary contribution (maintenance fund) allows us to purchases specialised equipment for programmes such as Literacy Lift Off and our STEM initiatives. The maintenance fund appeal will issue by text with e-payment link after the mid-term break. We greatly appreciate your financial support and are dependent on it to continue to provide the children of Scoil Íde with the modern education that they need and deserve. The contribution is €100 for one child or €150 for more than one child, or whatever you can afford.

The Scoil Íde Students’ Council is made up of children from 5th and 6th classes and the coordinator is Mr. D’Arcy. They usually meet twice a month and organise a number of school events throughout the year such as the Halloween Hooley, the Christmas Coppers Campaign and the Nativity.
The Pay it Forward initiative plays a major role  for the members of the council who will be working all year to spread kindness throughout the school and local community.

We would kindly ask that you look at home for any mobile library books which may not have been returned.
These books will be stamped inside the cover by the library.
If you find any, please return to the present class teacher.
Thank you!

This is a busy time for 6th class pupils and their families who have been visiting school open days in light of filling in the post-primary school application form. Nine choices must be filled in on the form. If parents have decided on their first choice school, they should send the form to that school as soon as possible.

The 3rd classes are invited to prepare shoeboxes and fill them with something to write with, something to wash with, something to wear and something to wow!
Contact Carmel Naughton on 087 6716154 for any information (additional leaflets will be made available outside of the school office).

Calendar 2018-2019
Presidential Election: Closed Friday 26th October.
October mid-term break: Closed Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November 2018 inclusive.
Christmas Holidays: Closing Friday, 21st December at 12.15 p.m.
Re-opening Monday, 7th January 2019
February 2019 mid-term break: Closed Monday 18th February 2019 to Friday 22nd February 2019.
Closed Monday, 18th March 2019- Public Holiday
Easter 2019: School closing Friday 12th April 2019 at 12.15 p.m. and reopening Monday 29th April 2019.
Closed Monday, Monday 6th May 2019
Closed Friday, 31st May & Monday, 3rd June 2019 Public Holiday
Closing Friday, 28th June 2019 at 12.15 p.m.
One day Curriculum In-service  will be taken at a date to be decided.

Scoil Íde is used as a Polling Station so we may be closed for any Elections/Referendums that are called.

The new Primary Language Curriculum (PLC) has been implemented this year in classes from Juniors to 2nd in both English and Irish.  Since the last primary curriculum (1999) life has changed. Thanks to research, we know more about how children speak, read and write and how to assist them in the development of these skills.
The PLC is designed to help children with different strengths and needs. It also aims to help children see the links between English and Irish.  There is an emphasis put on learning through play in the infant classes.
More information can be found on www.curriculumonline.ie.
A school closure day for staff training for the implementation of the PLC is to be decided.

Confirmation for all classes will the held in St. Nicholas’ Church on Saturday 9th February at 10.30am

Communions will be held in St. Nicholas’ Church at 10.30am on the following dates:
Room 13: 31st March
Room 14: 7th April
Room 12: 12th May
Room 11: 19th May

Each Spring the school hold a raffle which raises much needed funds for the school.
If any parent/guardian wishes to sponsor a prize, please contact Suzanne Noble on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Your generosity is always appreciated.

The clothing drive raised €720 for school funds. Thanks to all involved in the organisation.