6th Class Writer of the Month for September 2016 Luke 


First Day Back Last Year         by Luke 

I stumbled down the stairs, not used to the early mornings. I wasn’t too exuberant about the year ahead. I’d have to do the same routine every morning. I staggered into the kitchen, ill at ease not knowing I would see the majority of my class today with the exclusion of Tara who is probably sipping drinks in sunny Spain.

The buttering of toast really opened my eyes. Literally, have you ever tried buttering toast with your eyes closed? It’s really difficult. As I gobbled up some toast I realised this was the last year our class would all be together. That thought was swiftly wiped away by a knock on the door. It was my friends. I said my “Goodbyes” and walked up to school.

I plodded into the classroom, a bit nervous but when I saw Jack my face lit up. Mr. Foley greeted me with a warm, “Good morning”. We chatted until 9am.we labelled our books, learned the Heaney class rules and we learned about the man, the myth and the legend who was Seamus Heaney. The remainder of the day consisted of visiting the Outdoor Garden and Maths. The day flew by. The passing of six hours seemed only like thirty minutes.

When I reached home I thought about my last year in Scoil Ide. I realised that I couldn’t have asked for better people to be surrounded by for eight amazing years. Friendships have come and gone.

We started our journey with Ms. O’ Connell in Room 6. After that was Ms. Greensmyth in Room 2. Next was Ms. McInerney in Room 11. Jack O’, Kinga, Viktor, Jon and Brooke joined us but sadly Jon and Brooke left later that year. Ms. Boyle and Ms. Linnane taught is next. Scott and Connor entered our class. Mrs. Kenny was in Yeats. Viktor left us that year. Mr. Butler had us in Frost. Davide joined us at that point. Now it’s Mr. Foley’s turn in Heaney. We came a long way from small five year olds to tall twelve year olds.

I couldn’t have asked for a better class.