Read and Revise is the first thing we are greeted with in the morning. Mr Long is usually on the corridor and he keeps reminding us that before our teachers arrive we should be either reading or revising.  Mostly we do Irish first thing in the morning while our minds are fresh. After a quick few stretches we start into Maths. Ms Joyce comes in some days for Maths and teaches alongside our class teacher. If anyone is out sick for a few days Ms Joyce helps them to catch up the rest of the class.

At 11am we head up to the basketball court. Skipping is the latest craze on our yard. Some days nearly all the 6th classes are skipping.

After break every day is different. Some days it could be History, Geography, Science or English. This could involve the iPads, the Science Room or a Geoliteracy lesson. Every second Wednesday we have Super Wednesday. This means that our teachers swap around and we are taught by another sixth class teacher. The lessons we do are more thinking based than the normal learning lessons which make them more interesting. The lessons are CASE and CAME (Thinking Science and Maths), Building Bridges (learning comprehension strategies) and Scratch ( learning computer programming).

Before Christmas every Friday was Hockey and Rugby day. The girls went to Corbally United for Hockey and the boys went to the pitch for rugby. In the summer term we will be going swimming for PE. 

Confirmation is a big part of 6th class.  We will be making it on May 18th. Already we have started to learn some of the hymns with  Ms O’Donovan. We have sung some of these at our monthly assemblies in the hall.


 We are doing the ‘You Shall be my Witness’ programme outside school and our teachers will be taking us to the church to practise after Easter.

Other interesting things we do in Sixth are recording data from the weather station and outdoor classroom, weekly art lessons, K’Nex Challenge, Mindstorms and chaplaincy.