Who would have thought that we would have so much fun learning in Senior Infants!!

We have station teaching every morning. During this time, we concentrate on our reading, writing and sounds. We have great fun making words with magnetic letters, playing rhyming games and using the Ipads. Recently we started shared reading where we listen to our buddies reading. We love bringing home our books every night where it’s our turn to read a story to our parents.

In Irish we sing, dance and learn rhymes as Gaeilge. We have been learning a nath na seachtaine every week and now we can have a little conversation with our friends as Gaeilge. We really enjoyed making new friends in Junior Infants while speaking in Irish.

We have a variety of different activities to practise counting numbers and to recognise patterns. We use lots of concrete materials such as lollipop sticks, cubes and blocks. We also use Numicon and CAME to help us with our numbers and addition.

Our favourite time of the day is Jolly Phonics. This is the first year of Jolly Phonics in Senior Infants and we love how we can put sounds together already to read words. We have been breaking up sounds also to write our own sentences.

We love taking a trip to the Science Room and we have already carried out experiments using our senses. We also baked bread just like The Little Red Hen! We are very busy taking care of our crocus and daffodil bulbs. We can't wait for Springtime to see what colour our flowers will be.

We have started Geoliteracy in Senior Infants this year and have made maps for Rosie’s walk and a map of our school. We never knew our school was so big.

We are having great fun watching our Cherry Blossom Tree as it changes with the seasons. We really enjoy looking at and playing in its beautiful autumnal leaves.

We go to the halla for PE where we play loads of fun games such as Forest Ranger and Hospital Tag. We really enjoyed dancing last term where we learned The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Superman. It was a fantastic sight to see all of the Senior Infant classes in the hall at the same time showing off our new dance moves.

Life in Senior Infants is a fun place to be because even though we are working hard, we still have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves in school. We are looking forward to the year ahead where we get to build on all we have learned so far.