Fourth class has been such a busy year so far and there is still so much more left to fit in before we finish up in June. We have worked hard all year and learned so many new things in so many new and exciting ways.

This year, for example, our “Geo-literacy” programme has allowed us to explore a lot more.  At the moment we are planning a “make believe” weekend away in a European city.  We are using all the real websites to plan our travel, accommodation, food and entertainment and to find the cost of everything.  Some things are more expensive than you would think!  The iPads have been very useful for these lessons.  We also used them in history to create i-books about the oldest things in our houses.

We became junior engineers for a few weeks when we took on the “Viking Longship Challenge”.  The challenge involved creating a sail powered boat from recycled material.  We got great excitement from watching our creations sail.  We documented our design and build process in our learning logs, learned from our successes and mistakes and thoroughly enjoyed the whole project.  Projects have, of course, been a big part of our lives in fourth class too.  We have researched many topics and presented our findings in various formats.

We all look forward to the last Monday of every month which has become known as Super Monday.  Our day is split into three sessions. We do challenging activities from the maths CAME programme,  develop our comprehension strategies through “Building Bridges” stories and carry out some scientific investigations from the CASE programme.  It is also a chance for us to learn from different teachers as each fourth class teacher teaches one lesson and we visit them.

All these different ways of learning means we are always kept busy.  We work in small groups in station teaching which gives us more of a chance to get involved and we go and visit our young friends in Room 10 every month for a chat “as Gaeilge”.

So many other things are going on here in fourth class.   We explored the stories of the “Jesse tree” and prepared our own tree and book.  We are growing our own potatoes in the outdoor classroom. We are also looking forward to the visit of the Gardai to teach us about safe cycling and set us some cycling challenges.

Our recorder playing is coming on really well this year under the guidance of Miss Teefy.  We have also had so much fun and learned so much from our basketball, hurling and swimming coaches throughout the year.  We know how important it is to try out all these sports and get involved in exercise.  That is why we take the “Fit for Life” challenge for the month of May.  We challenge ourselves to take part in some sort of physical exercise every day and receive a certificate for our efforts on completion.

So much to do and learn in just one year!