5.11 Information and Communication Technology

In Scoil Ide we recognise the increasing role of information technology in schools, in the workplace, for leisure and indeed its application to all aspects of the child’s education. Computer literacy is an integral part of our school life. Our computers are being used as a classroom tool to aid and further the children’s education through a variety of programmes including

  • Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint and Excel
  • Reference
  • Desktop Publishing, Microsoft publisher
  • Internet & e-mail
  • Scratch
  • Use of Educational Apps.

All classrooms have either an interactive whiteboard or an interactive projector connected to a desktop computer and printer. We have provided two laptop trolleys, each with 16 laptops and an internet router that are timetabled throughout the school on a weekly basis. 16 iPads are available along with Apple tv and these are timetabled for use in each class on a fortnightly basis. Internet is available throughout the school via the school network and through wireless internet routers in various locations.

  • IC.T. is being used for integration across all curricular areas.
  • They are used to enhance the teaching and learning process for all pupils in the school.
  • They are used both as a communications tool within the school and as links to the outside world.
  • They are used to assist and promote collaborative learning.
  • Access will be available to all pupils.
  • On– going staff training will be an integral part of our school plan.
  • Instruction is delivered by classroom teachers through cross-curricular usage and through tuition by means of liaison with the wider community.
  • Provision has been made for the maintenance of equipment and the sustainability of it.
  • Internet and e-mail access is available to all classes. All sessions are strictly monitored and there is no unsupervised access.
  • On completion of primary schooling pupils will have acquired a minimum level of competence both in the use of I.C.T. equipment and in computing skills.

Our school website forms an integral part of our school’s plan reflecting the ethos, life and work of the school. It provides the opportunity for our children to exhibit different facets of their work in an educational context, display the different activities in which they involve themselves and of course provides links to our weather station, outdoor classroom website, VLE, our school Twitter site, and other educational sites on the World Wide Web.

The Internet

Scoil ide has developed an Internet Acceptable User Policy. It is important to stress that access is a privilege and not a right and that access requires responsibility. Due to the nature of technology it is not possible to guarantee the safety of all children using the Internet, the Web or other on –line services. However with appropriate precautions it should be possible to greatly minimise the risks involved. It is important that a sense of perspective in regard to Internet content and activity be maintained. This policy aims to ensure that a child’s access to the Internet will be beneficial and educational as well as being safe and enjoyable. In pursuance of these aims we will ensure that :

  • All e-mail and Internet sessions will be fully supervised by the class teacher or tutor.
  • Entrance to chat rooms is strictly forbidden.
  • E-mail attachments from unsolicited or unknown sources will not be opened.
  • On-line sessions will be directed towards safe sites and educational resources on the Web.
  • www.scoilide.ie will be used to access the net as the opening homepage with links to scoilnet and google.
  • Children will be taught the value of behaving responsibly while online and the importance of being accountable for their behaviour.
  • Internet access will only be available to the children while under supervision.
  • No personal pupil information will appear on the school website.
  • No text, data images or software will be downloaded without permission from the teacher.

Use of ITC Resources

Scoil Ide's information and technology resources (e.g., e-mail, computers, computer applications, networks, Internet, intranet, facsimile, tablets, cell phone and other wireless communications devices, telephone, paging and voice mail systems, and the like) are school property and are provided to Scoil Ide employees for the school's business use. Occasional personal use of these resources is permitted but must be kept to a minimum and must not be inappropriate. Inappropriate use includes hacking, pirating software, using Scoil Ide resources for non-school commercial activities, soliciting, distributing literature for outside entities, disclosing confidential information of Scoil Ide, sending inappropriate e-mail or accessing inappropriate Web sites (such as those advocating hate or violence, containing sexually explicit material, or promoting illegal activities), or using Scoil Ide resources in a way that violates the letter or spirit of Scoil Ide's policies or reflects negatively on the school. Users of Scoil Ide's information and technology resources must not share passwords. If you allow others to use your password or assigned resource, you will be held accountable for their use. Consistent with local laws, Scoil Ide reserves the right to monitor the use of its information and technology resources and to take appropriate disciplinary actions up to and including termination, or denying future access privileges in cases of misuse. Where permitted by local law, your use of Scoil Ide's information and technology resources constitutes consent to such monitoring.