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If you can choose when to take your holidays it is a bad idea to take children on holidays during term time. They will miss out on what is being taught. See the Attendance Policy under Policies on the “About” tab on this site.

A: Here are some ways you can help:

  • Make sure your child goes to school.
  • Encourage your child to behave in the classroom and in the playground. 
  • The school has a uniform; make sure that your child wears it. 
  • Make sure they do their homework. 
  • Let the school know if your family is leaving the area.  
  • Respect the professional views of the principal or class teachers.

On the recommendation of an Educational Psychologist parents may seek an exemption from the study of Irish for children who have diagnosed Specific Learning Difficulties. Parents should write to the Principal seeking this. If the relevant psychological report suggests an exemption the Principal can grant one in accordance with DES Circular 12/96. Even when an exemption has been granted we recommend that pupils continue to participate in the oral Irish element of the Irish curriculum.

Always contact the school if you think your child is experiencing difficulties either educational or social. Appointments with class teachers can be made by sending a note or through the school office. If a problem cannot be resolved through the class teachers appointments with the Principal can be made through the school office.

If the teacher notices that a child is ill or the child complains of not feeling well the school will ring you. That is why it is really important that we have up to date contact information.

Sometimes children fall at playtime or get hurt while involved in sports during or after school. In the case of anything other than the most minor injuries the school will ring to tell you. Sometimes we will advise that we have checked the injury and that the child is fine. In other cases we may advise that you need to pick up your child or in rare cases bring your child to A&E. In the event of a serious injury we will seek immediate medical help even if we are unable to contact the parents. However most injuries at school are minor bumps and grazes.

Like the general population some teachers are and some are not. The care required by law of teachers is that of a reasonable parent. We try to act prudently in the case of injury or illness and inform parents as soon as possible.

It is very unusual for children to repeat a class. Children are only allowed to repeat a class for educational reasons and in exceptional circumstances. In exceptional circumstances, the Principal, having consulted teachers and parents is the one who decides whether a child should repeat a year. A record outlining the educational reason for the decision will be kept. In addition a clear programme should be drawn up that outlines what new approaches will be used and what the expected benefit will be.

The school keeps copies of the reports that are sent home, copies of any psychological or medical reports that parents give us and standardized test results along with a copy of the pupil profile parents fill in annually. Parents can see these files for their own child if they make an arrangement with the school office for a mutually suitable time.

Through teacher assessment, screening tests or standardised test results some children are identified as having difficulties with some elements of the curriculum. If you are offered learning support your child will be given extra help which will help them catch up or work to their full potential. The class teacher and the learning support teacher will outline for you the work they will be doing and show you how you can help your child at home. Some children need ongoing learning support and others go to the LS teacher for a short period only. Sometimes the children are withdrawn from class and work with the LS teacher in small groups. More and more the learning support teacher works with the children in their own class.

Written reports are posted home for all children in June. Classes from 2nd up also have reports posted home after Christmas.